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Baby, it's just a phase!

Ride on a Moonbeam with me

  • New Moon ~ January 16, 2018


    With New Moon upon us today at 6:17PM Pacific, I invite you to take A Ritual Bath at a time that works for you these next couple of days. Whether you'll be with us in our ceremony tomorrow eve (Our Live, Virtual Zoom Call) or doing something on your own, the purpose of what I call A High Priestess Ritual Bath is to prepare our physical, mental, and spiritual selves for ceremony. It sort of marks the portal into my sacred time each New Moon.

    If possible, it's great to do this just before Circle as this is medicine for each of us to "soak in the power of our own Being." (Lister, 2017) Be your own inner authority on how to prepare your bath, use your own preferences and intuition on what herbs and oils you might need right now. (check for contraindications for specific health conditions or you're pregnant).

    Here's what I do to prepare my own bath:

    As I run hot water, I pour about 3 or 4 handfuls of dead sea salt, then I usually put 5-10 drops of my favorite oils in the bathtub (which I love to imagine is a giant cauldron). After all, we're a pretty magickal bunch of goddesses, and we need to have a little fun with this!

    Tomorrow before our ceremony, I think I'll use my Serenity and Balance oils, two blends that I love from DoTerra. I love both of these for invoking these two emotional states and ways of Being for this time of year. I might also put a few herbs or a sprig of rosemary in the tub, as well. I complete the recipe with a few candles and maybe some sweet music and Abracadabra, I have myself a Sacred Bath.

    It's not just about atmosphere, though, what makes this bath special is what I do after I sink down into the water.
    Just allowing myself to sort of float and set an intention for my ritual and then I say it out loud (there's power in the spoken word). It's usually something simple like, "Dear Divine Mother, Assist me as I go into my ceremony this Eve on the Dark Moon. Guide me, speak to me, and help me to be present to what is seeking to emerge in my sacred work, my relationships, and my physical foundation as we mark this New Lunar Cycle."

    Allowing myself just to relax and feel the presence of the Divine taking in the scents and sounds and being here now is my focus. Really just being in a state of listening is what feels good for me.

    When I feel ready, I allow the water to drain and I just imagine all the energies of the last lunar cycle just going going down the drain and making their way back to our Sweet Mother Earth.

    I think of this as a way of blessing myself. We all have the authority and the power to bless each other and ourselves. That's how it was done generations ago before Patriarchy took over and made one man in a community the only one who could do a blessing, so every time I bless myself or a Sister in ceremony it creates a feeling of true and authentic empowerment. It is our absolute birthright to bless.

    Enjoy your bath and share your secret potions for your baths with us!

  • Half Moon Waning ~ January 9, 2018


    Welcome to Half Moon Waning.   Our Blessed La Luna began her descent toward darkness yesterday afternoon at 2:25 PM Pacific Time.

    This phase of the moon is known as “The Wise Woman Moon” (Arylo, 2016). I love this phase so much because it puts me in touch with my own Inner Wise Woman. The truth is we all walk around with this Inner Wise Woman inside of us, yet often times we forget to tune into Her as our source of Wisdom.

    This is the time of month when I'm reminded to harvest the wisdom that has come to me since the New Moon, especially in terms of my intentions for this lunar cycle.

    I invite you to remember the intentions you made in that first week of the New Moon. Take a moment to just reflect back on them. Perhaps your intentions related to a work or school project, perhaps a relationship with one of your kids or your Beloved, maybe your intention for this cycle focused on your finances or having sweet holiday times with your family.  Often times we have several places where we are directing our life force energy each month.

    So, now for this Half-Moon Waning Practice:   Gently place your hand on your heart and take a couple of breaths just slowing down your breathing and ask yourself,  “What guidance am I being given in terms of those intentions I set? What wisdom is coming to me in terms of these intentions?  How am I being directed to use my life force energy during this lunar cycle.”  Now, just pause.  Wait. Listen.  She’ll speak to you. 

    So often our culture teaches us to go outside of us for wisdom and answers and we ending up discussing our decisions with everybody and their brother, yet we never go Within to check in with Her.  She’s that still small voice you hear prompting  you with Wisdom like  “Wait, not quiet yet.” or “Move ahead, now is the time.” or “Make the dr. appointment." or “Drink more water” or “Shut your computer down and rest.”

    Aligning our daily practical lives with the cycles of the Moon and seasons of the Earth begins to give us a deep clarity around these questions. During Half Moon Waning, we take time to begin to go within and pause for this inner Wisdom that is our birthright and available to us 24/7. 

    Some of my dear friends have said to me, “Cheryl I don't even remember the intentions I made on the new moon how would I know the guidance that is coming in?” 

    Precisely, Dear Ones.  I’m so glad you’re realizing this!  I invite you to give yourself space and give yourself time to acclimate to this ancient technology. If while you're reading this post you are asking yourself, “What the heck were my intentions at the beginning of this lunar cycle? And when was the New Moon anyway?”  Then let’s begin where you are.  That is the whole reason for my weekly check-ins with you at each of the 4 phases of the Moon.

    This awareness you’re having right now is beautiful!  Everything begins with our awareness!   In 2018 I invite you to commit to writing down your intentions for each lunar cycle. We'll talk more about this around the New Moon, so for now perhaps pick up a notebook, a journal or some index cards to jot them down.   Keep it really simple so that it is something that you will commit to doing. Each month you’ll simply record what your intentions are (they change form throughout the month as you gain wisdom, so that’s where the mystery and fun really begin).

    The most important thing that you can do right now is to  give yourself a deep level of compassion for what you are about to embark on this year around living your life differently.  Allow yourself to be playful and curious about all you will uncover.

    In the spirit of Half-Moon Waning, will you try something with me? Take your hand to your heart once again and take a couple of breaths to tune in. Now ask your Inner Wise Woman “How does this feel to me? How does it feel to begin to live my life in a less frantic and a more cyclical way?“  Pause.  Wait.

    Take a moment to feel what this feels like in your body and your emotions. Does it give you a sense of hope? Does it give you a feeling of possibility? What are you feeling in your shoulders, your belly, your head?  Pause.  Wait. 

    Hey, you just did it!  This is the practice of aligning with Half-Moon Waning. Taking time to pause and notice what guidance is coming through.  Beautiful Work, Dear One!  You see, this process combined with all of this wisdom is supposed to enhance your life, not weigh you down with more information for you to remember. Just stick with me all year, and together, we’ll explore each phase with depth, humor, and love.

    And one more thing, Dear One: Whatever you’re  experiencing in life right now whether it feels “good or bad” remember, just like the cycles of the moon:   Baby, it's just a phase. Until our New Moon next week, Much Love!

  • Full Moon ~ January 1, 2018

    Riding on a Moon Beam with you into 2018, La Luna reaches her Fullness this evening at 6:24 PM Pacific.  I am deeply grateful to have traveled with you these last 13 moons and look forward to meeting here again this year to inspire our quest to “get off the treadmill” of constant doing and obtaining and live our lives in a more cyclical way aligned with the cycles of the moon. 

    “Everything that flows moves in rhythm with the Moon.  She rules the water element on Earth.  She pulls on the ocean’s tides, the weather, female reproductive cycles, and the life fluids in plants, animals and people.” (Susan Levitt, 2017) Everything inside of me sings with vitality when I feel aligned with the cycles no matter what is happening “out there.”

    When I think of the full moon, I often have this image of a beautiful wolf howling passionately at this bursting and pregnant luminous lantern in the sky. Interestingly, this particular full moon in January is known as Wolf Moon.

    As we continue to align our lives with the cycles of the moon, with each Full Moon my deep inquiry has evolved and gotten richer over this year.  It’s focus is on shining this lantern, the light of our Grandmother Moon, on the intentions I sensed into two weeks ago during the New Moon. 

    I’ve begun to spend time each full moon asking “What on the path toward these intentions is being illuminated for me?  What steps are being shown to me?”

    The energy of the full moon is all about illumination and expansion, so the Living Questions for me become “Where am I holding back?  How am I being called to expand?”

    These next few days are the time to shine the light on our intentions as we ask for clarity on our path.  This is the ideal time to ride the coat tails of La Luna and “act more freely and fiercely, to expand beyond what you thought was possible to unleash your feminine power inside to create.  This is the time to fully embody your power.” (Christine Arylo, 2016)

    These next few days bring a feeling of “Ta-Da” as I imagine myself exploding out of the box I’ve placed myself in due to my limiting beliefs and old stories.  Take a look at the intentions you set around the New Moon and really allow yourself some space these next few days to reflect on bringing even more clarity to them.

    How is my Creative Feminine Shakti Power seeking to emerge during the last half of this lunar cycle in relation to my intentions?  What is seeking to emerge? 

    May this year be blessed by the light of our Grandmamma Moon and may we remember that no matter what is going on in our lives, whether we label it good or bad, happy or sad, Baby, it’s just a phase. 

  • Half Moon Waxing ~ December 26, 2017

    Riding on a moon beam with you, Beloveds, it is Half Moon Waxing as of this morning at 1:20AM Pacific. The mantra for this phase is "I focus. I create." 

    After having taken the whole week to allow what is seeking to emerge in terms of our intentions for this Lunar Cycle, now we start to bring what has been gestating inside of us to the outer material, physical world. 

    This is what I refer to as my "action time" and since I've been working with the moon cycles, I've found this time to be incredibly productive. 

    Why, you may be wondering? Because I'm not in full on doing, focusing, and creating on the physical all month long any longer. 

    In my "LBMC" (Life Before Moon Cycles) I was forever in doing mode. I didn't allow myself the ebb and flow of my own energy and was a definite "Push Through Polly" totally denying feeling tired, needing a break, or giving myself space to feel into how my Life Force Energy was calling to be used. I was the Quintessential Queen of "to do" lists with a list that never, ever ended and this odd low hum of overwhelm and anxiety that churned inside me nonstop. 

    This is the week where I now have the energy to be in full on "doing mode" with lots of focus and a surprising level of creative energy rising to the surface. The reason is the most important part of this message. The reason I have this energy is because this is the phase that I dedicate to doing on the physical plane. I actually dedicate and consciously choose this. It doesn't just happen. 

    Does that mean I don't go to work, do my laundry, and show up for my projects during the other phases? It's more subtle than that. Remember, in working with moon cycles we're working with the Feminine here. So while I show up for work and life the whole month, this week the magick is about the focus I bring to my intentions and the actual "doing" that I put into what I'm creating. 

    This is where I solidify my intentions, write them down, and shift into showing up and bringing what's been brewing inside to the surface and out onto the physical plane. 

    Let's get down and dirty practical, shall we? Of course like any gal who loves her magick, I love to pontificate on the mystical and the mysterious, yet, I know deep in my bones these cycles have so much to teach me on how to actually live my daily life here as a human on the planet. Nature at its absolute finest, yes?

    As we move into this phase that eventually leads us to the fullness of the moon, I invite you this week to move into "doing" energy in terms of your intentions. Send the resume, make the phone call, move the body, purchase the plane ticket, have the difficult conversation, write the letter, make the dr. appointment, get rid of the stuff in your home that is making you feel suffocated...

    See where I'm going here? The "action" itself is individual and I have found that aligning with the energy of this cycle gives me just the "ooomph" I need to get stuff done.

    How do you know what to choose when there's so much to do? Ready? This is so easy, you're mind is going to search for something complicated and convoluted, so climb out of your mind with me and drop down into your sweet heart. It is this simple:

    Deep within you, that ever present Inner Wise One who has been with you since you breathed your first breath has been gently directing you "to do something." Take your hand to your heart, take a few breaths as you "drop down" and feel into that. Acknowledge what it is. Begin. Just begin. 

    Imagine all of Life, The God of Your Understanding, and our precious La Luna guiding you every step of the way. We are forever accompanied, Beloveds. 

    I'll see you on the Full Moon...Baby, it's just a phase.

  • New Moon ~ December 18, 2017

    Riding on an invisible moonbeam with you today as yesterday was the beginning of our last New Moon of this calendar year.

    This phase of going inward reminds me of how the bear hibernates in her cave during this time of year. She rests and renews for the Spring. 

    It may seem a tad incongruent for us to align with the pausing energy of the New Moon with all of the holiday preparations, parties, and family commitments, however, in my experience, when I take time every day to "press pause" and truly be present in the moment, these little pauses serve as almost "mini retreats" for my body, mind, and spirit. 

    There are a million ways to do this, and you know what method of Powerful Precious Pause (PPP) really makes a difference for you. 

    When I say, "I don't have time" yet I numb out on TV or here on FB, I'm really just making excuses for not showing up for myself. That's a whole other subject for another day, but for now, cave and retreat." Sit in front of the fire with a cup of tea and breathe, take a bath (I like at least 30 minutes for that piece of heaven), lay on your bed and cuddle with your pooch, light a candle and listen to your favorite play list, go for a walk in nature by yourself, you know what does it for you. 

    Another way I love to take my PPP is by using a mantra (a prayer) that I repeat over and over again as I align it with my breathing. Using the rhythm of my breath set to certain words really gets me out of my head and down into my body: right here right now. 

    The mantra I find helpful during this time is "I surrender, I receive. How I use this is simple: I take a breath and on the exhale I say in my mind "I surrender" and on the inhale I say "I receive." This feels like a sweet lullaby to me and it almost instantly relaxes me. 

    This is our time of deep listening where we allow what is ready and ripe to receive our Life Force Energy this lunar cycle to emerge and come to the surface. 

    Notice, we're not rushing to write our intentions down right on the day of the New Moon. We're actually taking this entire week to feel into what is calling for our life force energy this month.

    I love to just allow the inquiry all week long so that I'm first Feeling it. Form will come...Feeling first. Much Love, Dear Ones, hold onto the wisdom and remember "Baby, it's just a phase."