"Through history there have been those that have set their aim at breaking apart the women’s circle, for it was a powerful, transformative and healing energy that they feared and did not understand. What they did not realise, is that the circle is a thread that lives and shall live forever within each of us for all time. It cannot be broken; the circle lives on. Now we move past the time of hiding into an age of awakening; embracing our strengths, our lineage and our power as women, the voices of the priestesses, shamans and queens flowing through our veins. We are the women of the Circle; and we are gathering, rising and awakening to be hidden no more. Long may we dance; long may we howl."  – Ara


Join our magical, mystical “manifestational” virtual circle right from your mobile device or computer via Zoom as we acknowledge and honor the beginning of each Lunar Cycle on the New Moon. In this online power circle, we will:


~ Begin the month’s lunar cycle feeling empowered and sensing into where you want to use your precious life force energy in the coming month.


~ Move through your life in a more feminine and cyclical way.


~ Learn to live and love in alignment with the cycles of the Moon


~ Cultivate Sisterhoond and centering meditative time


~ Weave wisdom and intention to manifest your desires.



DATE:        Coming soon 

TIME:         To be announced


PLACE:      Online, by Zoom


COMMITMENT:  $13 per session

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